Department of Urology

A Message from the Program Director

Welcome to our website! I hope to provide some insight on the educational goals of our urology residency program at the University of Pittsburgh.

First and foremost, our goal is to train the best medical school graduates to become excellent urologists. This goal is met through three objectives. First, we strive to instill a sense of scholarship in residents, making self-education a life-long vocation and pleasure. The educational experience of residency should be like that of graduate school; an immersion in the field of urology where curiosity and excitement fuel discovery about the field. Second, we work very hard to train residents in the craft and discipline of surgery. Starting with the reduction of each maneuver or operation into its component parts, we provide a graded experience of increased responsibility for each resident. Given the robustness of our faculty and the clinical environment of Western Pennsylvania, residents are provided with ample opportunity to hone and refine their surgical skills. Third, we place a premium on excellent patient care. By making each senior-level rotation up to six months long, residents care for patients in the outpatient, preoperative, and inpatient settings; continuing to see some in longer-term follow-up over the course of months.

We hope you take the time to further explore our program.


Dr. Stephen V. Jackman
Professor of Urology and Director of the Urology Residency Program